viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Anybody capable of love is capable of being saved.

Caroline: - If you don't feed me your blood, I'll die. 

Tyler: - And Tyler would have learn his lesson.

- How can you do this to him, to his me?

- I'm a thousand years old, call it bothering.

- I don't believe you.

- Fine, then maybe it's because I'm pure evil. And I can't help myself.

- No. It's because're hurt. Which means that there is a part of you that is human.

- How can you possibily think that?

- Because I've seen it. Because I've caught myself wishing that I could forget all the horrible things that you've done.

- But you can't. Can you?

- I know that you're in love with me. And anybody capable of capable of being saved.

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